The Research Seminars

Research Seminar "Real Algebraic Geometry"

The "Oberseminar Reelle Geometrie und Algebra" (Research Seminar Real Geometry and Algebra), organized by S. Kuhlmann, M. Michalek, C. Scheiderer and M. Schweighofer, takes place on Fridays at 13:30 in room F426 during term time if not announced differently.

Research Seminar "Complexity Theory, Model Theory, Set Theory"

The Research Seminar "Mathematical Logic, Set theory and Model theory", organized by S. Kuhlmann and M. Michalek, takes place during term time on Mondays at 15:15 in F420 if not announced differently.

If you want to book a date in one of these Research Seminars, please contact Peter Bisinger.

You may find information about upcoming talks on the german version of this site.