Jun. Prof. Gabriele Ciaramella

In 2015 I got my PhD at the University of Würzburg under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Alfio Borzi. From 2015 till 2017 I worked as PostDoc at the University of Geneva in the team of Prof. Dr. Martin J. Gander. Since September 2017 I am Junior Professor at the University of Konstanz.

I am member of the MOANSI GAMM Activity group: moansi.wixsite.com/gamm

Research topics:

  • Numerical methods for PDE and optimal control problems
  • Domain-decomposition methods
  • Control of quantum systems

Programming skills:

Matlab, Octave, FreeFem++, Python, LaTex, Maple, Maxima, Git

Current researches and work:

  • Domain-decomposition methods for optimal control problems
  • Analysis of Schwarz methods for molecular dynamics problems (ddCOSMO)
  • Analysis of iterative methods and preconditioners for boundary integral equations problems
  • Numerical methods for the Hamilton-Jacobi equation in the context of optimal control problems
  • Numerical analysis of domain-decomposition methods for elliptic PDEs