Ehemalige Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter

David Ploß

Ph.D. thesis (February 2024, Advisors: Robert Denk and Markus Kunze):

Wentzell boundary conditions for elliptic fourth-order operators

Sophia Rau

Ph.D. thesis (November 2023):

Boundary value problems in spaces of mixed smoothness and applications to plate-membrane systems

Felix Hummel

Ph.D. thesis (May 2019):

Stochastic Transmission and Boundary Value Problems

Felix Kammerlander

Ph.D. thesis (August 2018):

Well-posedness and asymptotics for coupled systems of plate equations

Max Nendel

Ph.D. thesis (December 2017, Advisors: Robert Denk und Michael Kupper):

Nonlinear expectations and a semigroup approach to fully nonlinear PDEs

Johannes Schnur

Ph.D. thesis (November 2013, Advisor: Michael Dreher):

Boundary Layers for Quantum Semiconductor Models

Tim Seger

Ph.D. thesis (April 2013):

Elliptic-Parabolic Systems with Applications to Lithium-Ion Battery Models

Mario Kaip

Ph.D. thesis (February 2012):

General parabolic mixed order systems in Lp and applications

Tobias Nau

Ph.D. thesis (February 2012):

Lp-Theory of Cylindrical Boundary Value Problems

Dr. Thilo Moseler

Ph.D. thesis (April 2010):

A Picard-type Iteration for Backward Stochastic Differential Equations: Convergence and Importance Sampling