An Evening with Ada

Movie evening with Ada Lovelace - great English mathematician, pioneer of modern computing and role model.

We invite you to an evening with Ada Lovelace (10.12.1815–27.11.1852) – a great English mathematician and the first computer programmer who wrote an algorithm for the early computing machine conceptualized by Charles Babbage. A woman whose creativity, hard work and persistence changed the world.

The programme includes:

  • An intro lecture about Ada Lovelace by mathematician Dr. Sebastian Krapp
  • Screening of Ada (2019) – Winner of Beyond Time Genre Awards 2021 (best historical film), Global Shorts, Los Angeles 2020 (Award of Excellence – Short Film), Stage 32 Short Film Competition 2021 (Grand Prize – Best Short Film) and more
  • Panel Discussion with movie director Steven Kammerer and leading actress Julie Bruns

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