KWIM History

How it all began

Konstanz Women in Mathematics (KWIM) was launched in May 2013 as an innovative joint initiative of the Mathematics and Statistics Department and the  Equal Opportunity Council at the University of Konstanz. Salma Kuhlmann, full (W3) Mathematics Professor in the department, has been leading it throughout the years together with designated project coordinators: Lorna Gregory (2013-2014), Charu Goel (2013-2015), Maria Infusino (2015-2019) and Gabriela Michalek (2021-present).

Since 2013 we organised over 60 talks in the KWIM lecture series. The scientific talks aim to promote the results of female researchers (such a talk can be given by a women or her male co-author) and to create more visibility for women as experts in the different branches of mathematics. Occassionally, we also organise non-scientific talks (given by women and men) featuring the portaits of outstanding female mathematicians (history of mathematics) or addressing equality issues and/or women's experiences in academia.

In addition, we arrange KWIM (Biennal) Meetings that provide a perfect opportunity for networking with other math collegaues and exchanging ideas and experiences ( KWIM-Tagung 2013 on 22.05.2013, KWIM-Tagung 2015 on 19.06.2015, KWIM-Festtage on 06-07.12.2018).

We have been also actively participating in several international meetings and events that share our goals of promoting and supporting women in mathematics. In 2021 we became an institutional member of the European Women in Mathematics (EWM) network.