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KWIM Interview: "Achieving Excellence with Role Models"

"Role models are extremely important in mathematics. I’ve experienced that the effect is greatest when young female students or staff, who can envisage a career in mathematics, see that women are not just capable of mathematics, they are very good at it."

Prof. Dr. Salma Kuhlmann

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An Evening with Emmy

KWIM Special Lecture about Emmy Noether (1882-1935): "How Algebra received a new face".

An Evening with Ada

Movie evening with Ada Lovelace - great English mathematician, pioneer of modern computing and role model.

KWIM Interview

On the Importance of Mentorship and Promotion of Women in Mathematics - an inspiring intreview with Bernd Sturmfels, Director of MPI MIS, Leipzig and Professor of Mathematics at the UC Berkeley.

KWIM Special Lecture

Learn a brief history of hyperbolic geometry and the revolutionary way of visualising it developed by Prof. Daina Taimina. Dare to take a different point of view in mathematics - watch our KWIM special lecture online!